• Genocide Monkey Genocide Monkey
    Total: 5518 plays
    Description: An evil monkey on a cloud that destroys islands with gems. You can skip the back story when you start a new game, except for the controls.
    Total: 5929 plays
    Description: Avoid the falling snowflakes!
  • Finger Footy Finger Footy
    Total: 5268 plays
    Description: The object of the game is to flick as many footballs into the goal as possible.
  • Whipsaw Fighter Whipsaw Fighter
    Total: 5150 plays
    Description: Plan your attacks in this turn based fighting game!
  • Miley Makes a Movie Dress-up Miley Makes a Movie Dress-up
    Total: 4960 plays
    Description: Miley is making a movie, and you are the director. You need to fit her in the best outfit for the next scene. Light, cameras, action!
  • Deadly Venom Deadly Venom
    Total: 4356 plays
    Description: A cool stealth game where you can take down your enemies with hand combats, knife throws or a tranquilizer gun!
  • Touch Down Touch Down
    Total: 5832 plays
    Description: Use arrow keys for thrusters and land your ship on the pad while avoiding aliens.
  • Mario Minigame Mario Minigame
    Total: 6872 plays
    Description: Jump around the platforms as Mario, pick up the coins and avoid the Koopa Troopas.
  • Breakfast decoration Breakfast decoration
    Total: 5470 plays
    Description: A healthy Breakfast is the perfect way to start your day. Decorate your breakfast table with different types of delicious foods and deserts such as puffy pancakes, bagels, flapjacks etc. and lots of other essential things.
  • Mile High Club Mile High Club
    Total: 5484 plays
    Description: Set your angle and power to hit the golf ball from one platform to another and get on the flag platform.
  • UBer Battle UBer Battle
    Total: 6327 plays
    Description: Power up attack, swing your massive sword, use magic potions and buy stronger weaponry.
  • Incoming Incoming
    Total: 5243 plays
    Description: Shoot down the bubbles but don't let them touch you!
  • Demolition Derby Demolition Derby
    Total: 5041 plays
    Description: Drive your car into the other cars and smash it up.
  • Tilox Tilox
    Total: 5220 plays
    Description: Remove all the tiles by jumping on them with the arrow keys, ctrl+arrow key for longer jump.
  • Santa gift room Santa gift room
    Total: 4783 plays
    Description: Christmas Day is coming. Santa is waiting letters from children. Lalala, little cute postman. He is knocking his door. He brought the letters. Totally 20 important letters. Santa must open the all envelopes, then go to the his gift room to collect gifts. Help him to find all gifts which children requested.
  • Devils And Cupid Devils And Cupid
    Total: 5209 plays
    Description: The Devils have caught the Cupid and taken it in their pit. The Cupid cannot fly in the devils Pit, but it can kill the Devils with his Love Cross Bow Gun. You have to clear 10 levels to escape the pit.
  • Sequencer Sequencer
    Total: 4843 plays
    Description: Press the lights in the same sequence they light up.
  • Aero Adventure Aero Adventure
    Total: 6709 plays
    Description: You have to defend the earth!rnPick out the right enviorment And start shooting!rnyou can switch ship ingame!rnyou can use this function to have tacticle advantages!rnEnjoy! rnAnd Godspeed!
  • The Terrortubby The Terrortubby
    Total: 5229 plays
    Description: Teletubby turned terrorists in this horizontal shooter!
  • Castle and dragon Castle and dragon
    Total: 5347 plays
    Description: Castle and Dragon - This medieval castle is under attack by a huge dragon that throws its flames. This is a fantastic piece of art you will want to color. Enjoy

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