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  • Cop Shoot Cop Shoot
    Total: 9321 plays
    Description: Almost like a police training game. You are a copy and your job is to shoot all the enemies.
  • Panik in Chocoland Panik in Chocoland
    Total: 9062 plays
    Description: Fly around, collect bombs and do your thing.
  • Wrath II Wrath II
    Total: 10414 plays
    Description: This game is not for the faint hearted or sensitive types. Play God and destroy all who displease you. Lots more to this game than the original Wrath game. Many new and wonderful ways to kill all life on earth.
  • Black Knight Get Medieval Black Knight Get Medieval
    Total: 8141 plays
    Description: Your King wants you to fetch his money.
  • Clash N Slash Clash N Slash
    Total: 10112 plays
    Description: Defend your planet from UFOs and other space ships by shooting them with guns and rockets.
  • Jack The First Time User Jack The First Time User
    Total: 9750 plays
    Description: You are a young kid exploring the drug filled streets. Talk to pimps druggies and others, avoid cops.
  • Ambition The Desperate Dad Ambition The Desperate Dad
    Total: 7554 plays
    Description: Walk around, talk to people and find out what's going on in the neighborhood.
  • Assault Part 3 Assault Part 3
    Total: 9165 plays
    Description: Avoid the cameras and make your way through the enemy base.
  • Assault Part 4 Assault Part 4
    Total: 9612 plays
    Description: Jump in the submarine and take off, escape from enemy hands before they destroy you.
  • Brain Splatters 2 Brain Splatters 2
    Total: 7249 plays
    Description: Pick your path in this interactive story like adventure, avoid being shot question people and get strong.
  • Electronica Into The past Electronica Into The past
    Total: 10585 plays
    Description: Walk through alley ways and other places in this city as a hero, fight crime and kick down bad guys.
  • Escape from 1428 Elm Street Escape from 1428 Elm Street
    Total: 6334 plays
    Description: Walk around this scary dark house, explore different rooms: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen to find clues.
  • Fantasy Quest Fantasy Quest
    Total: 10025 plays
    Description: Walk around the village pick up weaponry and battle out in the fields.
  • FlashTrek Romulan Wars FlashTrek Romulan Wars
    Total: 8320 plays
    Description: Find Dilithium among other minerals, battle against Romulans and Klingons, upgrade your ship.
  • Jakes House Jakes House
    Total: 8768 plays
    Description: Venture trough your own house in search of terrorists, avoid the FBI and shoot down cops.
  • Nerd Quest Nerd Quest
    Total: 7175 plays
    Description: Explore the dangerous caves, avoid deadly rats and find keys to unlock hidden doors containing treasure.
  • Pixelville Pensioners Pixelville Pensioners
    Total: 8215 plays
    Description: Walk around Pixel town and find people to help build your home near the woods.
  • Ray Part 1 Ray Part 1
    Total: 7766 plays
    Description: Go on a mission for some money, save this girl, snipe down people and do the dirty work.
  • Ray Part 2 Ray Part 2
    Total: 6740 plays
    Description: Go on another mission from your friend, pick what to do, make people talk, gun down gang members and more.
  • Street Life Street Life
    Total: 8857 plays
    Description: Walk through the Ghetto Streets of this city, go into dark alleys, mug sleeping criminals and get drunk.

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